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HWE: GySgt Johan Johannessen Junior XII :iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 7 9
I'm Just a Coward(ICW)
Please don't bare me any mind, no not at all
I'm just a sad little goblin, waiting for my final call
Oh Prince of princes oh king of kings
I'm sure it was just an innocent swing
Oh Lord of lords oh master of masters
I'm no threat, not even a caster
All I wish to do is run and hide
Perhaps return to my friends and in them confide
Just a chance to live is all I dare ask
Maybe let Mig fly free, it's all I task
Oh dear sir please don't take offense, but I saw that
You sir made a mistake, took a turn and hurt my bat
I'll carve out your gizzard
Feed your soul to our wizard
Make a necklace of your teeth
Turn your face into a wreath
Rip and stew your fingernails
Beat you senseless with kobold tails
Pop out and pickle your eyes
Through all this you'll live you realize
Please don't bare me any mind, it's my goblin hate
I'm just angry little alchemist and now you know your fate
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 3 4
Pathfinder Custom Gear: Passenger Saddle
Weight: Double the original weight for each passenger 
Price: Double the base price of the saddle for each passenger, add any other cost variables after.
For animals who are large enough to bare more than rider, some saddles have been made to carry as many people as will comfortably fit the creature of choice.
Passenger saddles are an upgrade option for normal saddles and can be added alongside military, riding, pack, exotic and masterwork options. Passenger saddles allow one or more extra riders. Those riding in a passenger saddle may make actions as normal since the distraction guiding the mount is left up to the 'driver' or owner of the creature. Medium creatures can only have 1 rider, Large can have up to 2, Huge up to 4, Gargantuan 6 and finally Colossal 10.  


Because of the extra weight involved, the driver of the animal suffers -2 to Ride and Handle Animal checks while the animal itself suffers
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 1 4
Feed My Flames(ICW)
Come and step up if you think you have the balls
I won't be spitting fire, I'll just burn down your halls
See I'm a saucy little number with a long rap-sheet
I'll steal your heart and make you feel some heat
Nothing to do and no one to blame
Just Feed. My. Flames!
Come and join the fun I'm here to play
Bout to teach you the ravishing ifrit way
Don't wind me up boys 'cause I'm about to blow
When I got a bit riled up, then you'll really know
Don't know why you bothered or came
Just Feed. My. Flames!
Through the thunder and the ash
You'll pay for calling me a bit brash
But when the battle is done
When there is no more time for fun

Sometimes I wonder why I came or if I'm to blame
She's gone and all I do is- 
Just Feed. My. Flames...

:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 3 4
Stealth Cat Blues(ICW)
Stealth cat blues!
Stealth cat blues
How did I get here, what's the point
Mixed up with morons like these
If you had told me I would have called you a tease
Now I am forced to have some water anoint
Stealth cat blues!
Stealth cat blues
How did I get here, why does it have to be me
There's this blind man on a horse
Then a beast of a woman only using force
Now I have to play mother to idiots three
Stealth cat blues!
Stealth cat blues
My time is being wasted, this mess can't be fixed
One moron seduced by fire
And a goblin with everyone's ire
Perhaps it's not terrible with friends mixed
Stealth cat blues!
Stealth cat blues
My time is being wasted, but it's not so bad
They are lucky I am around
When I sneak-attack the baddies hit the ground
Perhaps it's alright, with Buddy so glad
Stealth cat blues!
Stealth cat blues
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 3 2
My Heart for My Soul(ICW)
An angel trapped in devil's hide
Her mind a nightmare 
Tortured soul trapped deep inside
 One voice a ripple of care
Beating came to her heart
Eyes open and he was there
From blood and fire was a start
Tears long dried from horrors long fought
With outstretched hand she was offered a part
Gasping breath fearing to be caught
Where once was pain now love could bloom
Her world unwound so she was rightly taught
So fleet of feet to escape her doom
Man in a smiling mask
Where pain turned to happiness came her groom
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 3 6
Knightly Business(ICW)
Any fool can be a fool with a dream to follow
But a fool can only be a fool if his head is hallow
Some fools will remain a fool because truth is hard to swallow
Other fools will forever be a fool as their faults are too steep in failure they wallow
One such man was he the tin-plated knight Howard
Just such a man was he that despite his boast he was no coward
It took such a man as he to form a group from the far courts so soured
From here such a man as he took the villains and instead forged bonds which flowered
Once just a noble who dreamed a dream
Stood just a noble who's wish didn't quite gleam
We saw just a noble who's daily bore caused him to scream
Came just a noble who's heart finally did fill until it came to teem
Friend to all and all alike
Ally to all and all without a deadly pike
Savoir to all all with a smile and a severing strike
Champion of all and all no matter how hard or long the hike
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 4 17
Pathfinder Custom Race: Cocoro
While their share a love of wandering with their parent race, the tengu, unlike the dark feathered humanoids the upbeat cocoro are well accepted just about everywhere. They are loud, fearless and have a very optimistic view of the world which they follow with quite a bit of heart, though perhaps not a lot of sense. Cocoros live in the here and now, they have little interest in history or what happened in the past, they are quite willing to forgive and forget unless he transgression is so vile that even they feel that some sort of punishment is in order. Because of their resemblance to mundane chickens, cocoros are not seen with the same sort of suspect and fear as tengu, they seem quite silly and harmless to the average eye. Most known for being bards, street performers and jesters, cocoros do have some fearsome warriors to their name as their optimistic nature makes it rather hard to force a determined bird to turn coward. Cocoros prefer to just go with the flo
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 0 0
The Ballad of Tad Cooper and Charlie(ICW)
Let me tell you a story about a man and a beast
They spun their tail so odd on an island out abroad
Though they seek no glory and avoid most for the least
Listen now of these flawed few as their lives are twisted to odd
To talk about the first we must first begin at the worst
He's a merry ol' minstrel with a life quite contrary
Everyone knows Charlie as he is quite addicted to barley
You will never find his hide nor skin but forever clad in a wide, wide grin
Spied out by a tavern he was invited to explore a cavern
Charlie listened to this plea between gulps of whisky he downed with glee
He was a man of no organs but heart so ended up as a heroic part
For his new friends he lead the way while laughing and joking he made them sway
He was a creature of the undead and to his new-found friends he was misread
Just a bit of a dick was he so he fit in so applicably
Soon enough he was both loved and hated while guiding the group to a shack they were fated
Smarter than those he led t
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 3 4
Skeletal Jamboree(ICW)
Come and gather round, all ye souls abound
Grab a dash of color and twill
Step and dance if you have the will
Taste that breath of life so sweet we who are free of meat
Take my hand and shout with glee
Here comes the skeletal jamboree
Skeletal Jamboree

Skeletal Jamboree
Skeletal Jamboree
Turn your sights to the sky, never suffer as to why
No time to rest or weave the thread
Time enough to play now we are dead
Greet your family while we sway so happily
Take my hand and shout with glee 
Here comes the skeletal jamboree

Skeletal Jamboree

Skeletal Jamboree
Skeletal Jamboree
To those in the house all alone, we call with steamers thrown
There's no need to fear
Step out and join the mighty jeer
We laugh and mock the living with all that they were giving

Take my hand and shout with glee 
Here comes the skeletal jamboree
Skeletal Jamboree

Skeletal Jamboree
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 3 0
Mature content
You're Welcome, Ladies :iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 4 0
Legacy of a Lindworm: SS TyrantisTerror
From the temple deep and deary of legacy long and leery.
Forever heart and hail from fearsome head to curling tail.
Foul and rasping bite to flicking tongue full of fight.
No normal snake is she her agile arms trim and fit are the key.
Arm to muscle she will show you coil wins every tussle.
Try all you want to kill your with rads but her hood warps color like 60's fads.
Watch out for those fangs of her's as they will cripple all amateurs.
Last of all is the tip of her tail which shakes with a deathly final wail.
This charming, hissing master of the dreaded double-deuce, 
forever wound and perched upon her ample caboose.
She might be cold in blood but her heart is that of a best bud.
Friend through all trials as the pride of all reptiles.
Ally to the retrosaurs of the world, with watchful fangs carefully furled.
Even the men and women do cheer when the serpent loops about her lengthy rear.
Her past of thorns worn as a crown of horns.
The legends that came before were brave and t
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 7 4
HWE: Hairy Bill
Name: Hary Bill
Aliases: Boggy Bill, Texas Giant, That Redneck Dude, Hairy Man, Texas Bill, Texica comansviri(Texas Hairy-man), T. comansviri
Height: 6-7 feet
Weight: 500-700 lbs
Description: Looking to be at first a very tall and hairy man, who may or may not be wearing clothes, the Hairy Bill is at a glance not much different from the jovial country folk who have lived all their lives in such a rural environment. Standing up straight with typically a slight hunch in the back or slack in the shoulders, the Hairy Bill has a very broad and robust appearance. Though some are short enough to be confused with normal humans, they retain a very thick build which makes them as strong as their are wide. Covered in thick matted fur which is twisted and tangled, the creature comes in a surprising variety of colors. From black or brown is a lighter dusty-tan color to better allow them to blend in to the drier
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 2 4
Pass the Grog and Guzzle the Nog: SS Dinohunter
From day in and day out, the monsters of the world went about their jobs. No matter what it was, even 'renovation' would draw the endless mobs. Only a few times a year did these titans lay down their grudges. Their hate, their rage and washed their ash smeared smudges. Thanksgiving was a time of food and celebration. Halloween was a time for scary fun, not the end of a worldly nation. It was a time where monsters and men took to the streets. A time when all would gather, drink and partake of various meats. The snow would fall and signal the start. The month when all would take heart. Christmas, when enemies would offer good will and endless celebration echoed in the night. Of course, that is not to say it all went without a fight.
Though many tales were spun, of deeds great and small, none quite so humorous as this to recall. Our story revolves around one little lizard and a giant. His trials, tribulations and efforts to remain defiant. To the rest of the city it wa
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 5 2
The Corvous Crooks
Corvous- [ MA 8 | ST 3 | AG 3 | AV 8 ] [Very long Legs, Leap, Block, Leader]
Rachus- [ MA 6 | ST 2 | AG 3 | AV 7 ] [Very Long Legs, Leap, Regeneration, Decay, Stab]
Gluttorous- [ MA 7 | ST 5 | AG 3 | AV 9 ] [Wild Animal, Leap, Very Long Legs, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull, Break Tackle, Always Hungry, Throw Teammate]
Warbeak- [ MA 7 | ST 3 | AG 3 | AV 7 ] [Very Long Legs, Leap, Stunty, Dodge, Right Stuff, Sure Feet]
Ultim- [ MA 6 | ST 3 | AG 2 | AV 8 ] [Block, Horns, Claw]
Mori- [ MA 6 | ST 3 | AG 2 | AV 8 ] [Block, Horns, Claw]
Avimari- [ MA 5 | ST 4 | AG 2 | AV 8 ] [Leap, Very long Legs, Thick Skull, Regeneration]
Imperior- [ MA 4 | ST 3 | AG 1 | AV 9 ] [Juggernaut, Wrestle, Tackle]
Nyroc- [ MA 7 | ST 3 | AG 4 | AV 7 ] [Leap, Very Long legs, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze]
Anatitora- [ MA 6 | ST 3 | AG 3 | AV 8 ] [Leap, Very Long Legs, No Hands, Chainsaw]
Boss Bass- [ MA 6 | ST 2 | AG 3 | AV 7 ] [Very Long legs, Leap, Do
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 1 0
HWE Aveons
Name: Aveon
Aliases: Project Prehistoric: Corvosaurus First Generation, Squawkers
Mecha & Kaiju:  Corvous, Rachus, Suvaroc, Kristia, Ornasta, R4V3NAT0R
Height: 4-6 feet.
Length: 9-12 feet
Wingspan: 7-10 feet
Weight: 100-300 lbs
Description: Being genetically close to Corvous, the average aveon share more than a passing resemblance to the kaiju. Not quite as thick or robust as Corvous, aveons have a more lithe build, closer to that of a true bird or avian dinosaur rather than the powerful mutant. With robust chests and lanky bodies, the form of an aveon is teardrop in shape when in flight, with powerful breasts to keep their wings pumping at a fierce enough rate to allow the bird like creatures to dart about in the sky. With long legs and thinner talons an aveon is quite at home on the ground but they lack endurance when it comes to solely relying on leg-power. In comparison their wings ar
:iconravensaurs-rex:Ravensaurs-Rex 8 3


Awesome Claw :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 345 17 T Y R A N T I S :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 63 4
Mature content
The Morning After :iconakitymh:AkityMH 6 1
Daily Paint 1580. Zenguin :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,466 115 zSHIN GHIDORAH concept development 2 :icondopepope:dopepope 157 8 Khepri :iconundeadkitty13:UndeadKitty13 109 13 Daily Paint 1569. Tie-rannosaurus :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,451 107 Daily Paint 1568. Hot Cocoabra :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,778 82 Cockatrice :iconarvalis:arvalis 4,080 159 Kong vs Godzilla :iconkaijusamurai:KaijuSamurai 1,767 242 Angry Memerine :iconempyronaut:Empyronaut 49 35 HWE - Salamal :iconprofessorcene:ProfessorCene 9 5 Prage :iconmecha-gregole:Mecha-GREGOLE 55 9 Daily Paint 1560. Puffinfish :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,984 76 Type Collab: Alolan Golem :iconshadeofshinon:ShadeofShinon 206 25 Chinese Dragon :iconarvalis:arvalis 4,513 188



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What the fuck just happened?

You know Disney is for some reason making weirdass remakes of their movies? Most of which people say are decent, not amazing but decent. Well I recently picked up a remake of Disney's forgotten redheaded step-child "Pete's Dragon" thinking it should at least be better than the old one. The original movie does not age all. It's a painful musical that does not do all that well, the animation and so on is dated but still enjoyable. It's overall not very good. The new movie I went in with tempered expectations and...holy shit...

The CGI is actually insanely good, they even use practical effects when CG isn't needed. The dragon looks very, very real if not slightly floaty which is fine considering he is a magic dragon. The story is nothing new, a kid and his monster. It does however have one or two twists in it I did not expect and a lot of heart. They nail the mood and tone of most scenes damn perfectly. No one has to over-explain things or have it be perfectly shoved in your face. Emotion is allowed to breath, quiet scenes are allowed to be quiet. It's actually a bit impressive. 

While I won't say it's the best movie of the year or anything, it is certainly better than it has any right to be and even tugged at my coal black heart a few times. My mother was a mess of tears when it was over so that was fun as well.

It's like I enjoy saying "There are no bad ideas, only bad executions." meaning the movie has nothing new, does nothing new but presents the old in a very magical way. It has a very child like magic about it and it certainly takes a very relaxed and light-hearted mood to fully enjoy it. In short, it has it's flaws but a surprising amount of strength and if you want a nice feel-good movie with some raw emotion and oddly good child actors, it is not a bad movie to unwind to.

I would recommend it to dragon lovers and those who enjoy light-hearted movies. Ultimately it's harmless but a good sort of harmless, not the mind-rotting or insanely stupid sort. Give it a chance if you can get it for cheap. I bought it out of curiosity and I would say I got my money's worth but I know not everyone judges movies or the cost of money the same way so wait until you can snap it up for cheap or it goes to amazon/netflix/your-movie-site-of-choice and give it the benefit of the doubt as the movie improves on and makes up for the wrongs of the original in many, many ways.

If if you excuse me, my eye appears to be leaking and I might have gotten pepper in it.

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