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What the fuck just happened?

You know Disney is for some reason making weirdass remakes of their movies? Most of which people say are decent, not amazing but decent. Well I recently picked up a remake of Disney's forgotten redheaded step-child "Pete's Dragon" thinking it should at least be better than the old one. The original movie does not age all. It's a painful musical that does not do all that well, the animation and so on is dated but still enjoyable. It's overall not very good. The new movie I went in with tempered expectations and...holy shit...

The CGI is actually insanely good, they even use practical effects when CG isn't needed. The dragon looks very, very real if not slightly floaty which is fine considering he is a magic dragon. The story is nothing new, a kid and his monster. It does however have one or two twists in it I did not expect and a lot of heart. They nail the mood and tone of most scenes damn perfectly. No one has to over-explain things or have it be perfectly shoved in your face. Emotion is allowed to breath, quiet scenes are allowed to be quiet. It's actually a bit impressive. 

While I won't say it's the best movie of the year or anything, it is certainly better than it has any right to be and even tugged at my coal black heart a few times. My mother was a mess of tears when it was over so that was fun as well.

It's like I enjoy saying "There are no bad ideas, only bad executions." meaning the movie has nothing new, does nothing new but presents the old in a very magical way. It has a very child like magic about it and it certainly takes a very relaxed and light-hearted mood to fully enjoy it. In short, it has it's flaws but a surprising amount of strength and if you want a nice feel-good movie with some raw emotion and oddly good child actors, it is not a bad movie to unwind to.

I would recommend it to dragon lovers and those who enjoy light-hearted movies. Ultimately it's harmless but a good sort of harmless, not the mind-rotting or insanely stupid sort. Give it a chance if you can get it for cheap. I bought it out of curiosity and I would say I got my money's worth but I know not everyone judges movies or the cost of money the same way so wait until you can snap it up for cheap or it goes to amazon/netflix/your-movie-site-of-choice and give it the benefit of the doubt as the movie improves on and makes up for the wrongs of the original in many, many ways.

If if you excuse me, my eye appears to be leaking and I might have gotten pepper in it.
You know, I seem to be making a lot of journals lately, largely because I seem to be finding a lot of weird stuff.

Anywho, I had something odd pop up in my youtube recommendations and decided "What the hell, looks harmless." as it looked like silly moe tripe but with a cute little archne girl. It quickly grows into a nature vs nurture story with some classic yokai undertones. It has extremely good animation, a lot of heart and in general is just very well done all around. It has a very slow pace, focusing more on the characters and history more than anything else, a quick flash of action and some stunning artwork.

The only real detractor is that it is a short movie and not a full blown series. I think it could do extremely well as a series but on the other hand that could dilute the themes already involved. Oh and I nearly forgot, there is no English dub so enjoy the sub. Thankfully it has a slow enough pace that you aren't forced to keep your eyes locked on the bottom of the screen.

Anywho, enough dancing about the subject, here is a link and a MASSIVE recomendation to watch Wasurenagumo- Li'l Spider Girl.
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(responded to you on the DND room)
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Thank you for the watch!! (I know it's been a while!)
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the return watch, mate.
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Ta fer the fave on me Farrow Brigand doodle!

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Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
There just isn't a lot of good farrow art out there.

I'm Having quite a bit of fun going through it all.
binkibonsai Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016
Haha, well I plan to fix that soon; I've got a few Farrow NPCs that I'll be drawing up for an upcoming Unleashed campaign :D
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Looking forwards to it. Unleashed has not gotten as much love as it deserves, but it is easily my favorite book so far. Then again I have a soft spot for the beast-races of most settings. I've played most of the races in Unleashed but so far I have to say farrow is my absolute favorite. They can just be silly for the sake of silly and frightening at the same time.
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Chronnellian Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks For The Watch Boton by Chronnellian
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Happy "One year closer to extinction" day Raves!
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