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July 27, 2009
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Name: Cytosaur (Unit009, AMMO Base 009, Cyborg009, S-9, Subject 009, Bachosaurus)
Species: Cyborg Phytosaur
Alignment: Lawful Heroic
AMMO Rating: Potential rating of 7 Threat level of 2

Height: 58 meters(horizontal stance) 85 meters(Upright stance)
Length: 120 meters
Mass: 99,999 tons


Cell Lizard- The octagon shaped scales on the kaiju's sides give him his name, they also give Cytosaur his infamous defense. Infused with a rare form of compound metal named 'Octocytanuim', the interlocking scales might only be on his sides, but the rest of his hide is no less armored. Even the phytosaur's underbelly is covered in small pebble shaped scales that act as chainmail. There is not spot on the massive reptile that is not covered in some form of plated armor. Before he became a cyborg, Cytosaur was a living tank that took on other heavily armored reptiles and won. With his natural shield reinforced across the board, Cytosaur has become synonymous for an unbreakable defense. However his new metal infusing does not come without cost, the giant weighs nearly 30,000 more tons than he was designed to carry as a living creature. On four legs this doesn't bother him, however when he stands up on his hind legs it constantly grounds at Cytosaur's bones and strains his joints. His weight might be a drawback but more often than not it is a strength, in an outright fight there is very little that can budge the phytosaur. Oftentimes he just needs to lean into his attack and utterly crush his target without much effort on his part.

Whiplash Cables- From the right side of the miniature AMMO base on his back, they can extend outwards up to 170 meters and are one of his best mid-range weapons. They can shoot out and lash other kaiju with stunning force and speed, barely a blur to the naked eye. The cables can easily trip up smaller, faster kaiju as well as cleave flesh from bone to deal out some horrendous punishment to the target. Cytosaur can also charge the cables with a sort of taser like shock, paralyzing muscles and causing a little bit of extra pain. The cables can wrap around another kaiju and deliver a near constant stream of electricity, more than enough to lock up the monster until the cyborg either runs out of power or the offender manages to break free.

Bolo Netgun- On the left side of the base infused to Cytosaur's back, sits one of his most used weapons. This relatively small gun shoots out either a bolus or a net, depending on if Cytosaur needs to tie up a few limbs of an annoyingly quick or powerful kaiju or just lock them down altogether. The net and bolas are made out of a high strength steel cable, wrapped around other cables to create a web strong enough to hold most kaiju effectively. It of course can be snapped or cut if the target is strong enough or has a sharp slicing weapon, but the moments they distract and wrap up other kaiju are invaluable for Cytosaur to close the gap and finish off the foe.

Glue Cannon- Mounted to the top of the base like structure, this massive cannon can spin one hundred and eighty degrees to cover all sides of the cyborg. It fires a wad of specialized glue that hardens on contact, either encasing targets in a shell or sticking them to part of the battle field. As with most of his weapons, it is geared to helping Cytosaur keep his prey still long enough to bring his impressive bulk to bare. However he can also fire a solution that hardens quicker, in midair it will become a chunk of rock, or at least a rock like substance. They are super-dense and can weigh nearly 10,000 tons. They hit like a wall of bricks and at the very least they will knock a foe kaiju from their feet, at the most it will shatter bone and splatter the target violently. Though these shells are used sparingly, they are devastating when either Cytosaur or the humans aboard decide it's time to bring them out.

Extreme Jaws- Like the crocodiles that resemble him, Cytosaur has an extremely powerful bite, he can drive his spike like teeth right through eight feet of reinforced steel and crack kaiju grade armor. The elongated fangs near the tip of his jaws are perfect for holding prey still as Cytosaur uses his great strength and weight to overwhelm his target. Near the back are smaller slicing fangs, built for dicing slabs of meat into easy to swallow chunks, though they can be hard to use in the middle of combat. However, it is not always easy to get these long jaws around a moving target, most of the time Cytosaur doesn't even try unless they are cornered or he has them pinned. More often than not he swings his heavy jaws back and forth, using them like a massive club to beat and batter other kaiju to the point that he can safely open his jaws and finish them off.

Mobile Base- Built into his back is a small mobile base, it can easily house a fair sized squad of AMMO recruits full time and it has enough space to hold around two hundred people if the situation calls for a mass evac. Inside, the command chamber has a host of monitors, sensors and a miniature lab for use in the field. Often the crew of Cytosaur can change a painful loss into a victory, communicating with the giant through the keyboard or one of the many vocal sensors inside the base. They can perform in depth scans of the foe kaiju and search for weaknesses while Cytosaur is free to concentrate on the battle at hand. Cytosaur in turn is protective over any human who dwells inside him, even those he finds an annoying waste of space. He forms strong bonds with some and is often quick to act on any orders or insight they give him, making Cytosaur the ultimate in human/kaiju interface.

A.K. Burst Cannons- The Anti Kaiju Burst Cannons pop out from all sides of the AMMO base on the cyborg's back. Cytosaur himself has no control over them, these weapons are used by the humans inhabiting him, letting them watch Cytosaur's back or pour on the punishment if the cyborg get's incapacitated in some manner. While these cannons are not on par with Cytosaur's main weapons or some of the more dedicated A.K. weaponry, but they are quite powerful in their own right and can fire from many directions at once, quickly becoming a problem to any that chose to ignore them. They are akin to the giant cannons found on battleships, but advanced with a sort of gatling design to allow the comparably weak bullets to hammer into a target at an impressive rate of fire. The downside is that they burn through supplies rather quickly and in prolonged combat the commander residing inside of Cytosaur's base will have to wisely consider when best to unload on foes.

Regenerator Nanites- As the AMMO nanites have been slowly perfected over the years, Cytosaur has the latest version of the tiny support robots. While they can't keep up with every wound that the cyborg takes, the nanites cut recovery time from weeks or months into days. They can also be remotely operated by the AMMo members living inside of Cytosaur. Normally by one Janet Smith, who is the mechanic signed on as Cytosaur's dedicated physician. She can monitor Cytosaur's over all health and direct the nanites as she sees fit, often taking them off smaller scrapes and wounds to get them to focus on the more dangerous ones. With careful control, the nanites keep Cytosaur in the fight far longer than most other cyborgs or other kaiju. This also means that he doesn't need to be brought into a nearby base for repairs, Cytosaur can simply eat raw meat or even metal, the nanites in his gut turned storehouse, convert this into raw material to keep the cyborg in tiptop shape as well as keep him energized.


Cybernetic Restraints- Even with his bulk reinforced with metal, Cytosaur's immense weight is at times a double edged sword. He is unable to stand on two legs for an extended amount of time, while this is fine for short dashes or bear like swipes, if he is unable to take the strain off his back legs he risks blowing out muscles or even shattering bone.

Unstoppable Hate- If confronted with a large crocodile shaped creature, barring another phytosaur, the cyborg goes into an uncontrollable rage and will try to kill the other reptile. He will only stop if the offending crocodilian like kaiju is either killed or taken out of range of all of his senses. He seems to ignore normal sized crocodiles and alligators, though dinosaurian kaiju who resemble crocodilians can be targets of this odd rage.

Feast Of The Phytosaur- The cords snap out and warp around the other kaiju, bringing it closer to Cytosaur where he uses his strong jaws to begin devouring his prey. While the target still clings to life, the cyborg zaps his meal every now and again to keep the flesh warm as the blood drains from his prey.

Personality: Highly intelligent, AMMO made sure the phytosaur was unable to speak or interact with humans in any way besides confirming or denying. He could easily be as smart as any human, though his thought processes are on large alien to most. After being hooked up to the internet to a highly limited degree, Cytosaur stumbled onto classic music, Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata' being chief among them. Ever since the reptile plays it and other classical selections on his internal speakers, the reason why is a mystery to just about everyone. In general the titanic reptile seems to be extremely mellow, he enjoys laying about in the sun and soaking up the heat. But this is not to say that he is lazy, if given an order Cytosaur will pull himself up and lumber off towards victory. He seems to respect the chain of command that AMMO offers, but not the people that make it up, the few humans he does see as worth listening to have his undivided attention. One by the name of Elesa Cartwright is set on a pedestal above all others, the cyborg will go to just about any lengths for the mere asking. He sees her as the one who saved his life and gave him a new purpose, after his species was driven to extinction the giant understood that he no longer had the chance to mate and further his bloodline. Unless confronted with a crocodilian shaped creature that will make him blind to all else, he will always follow Elesa and to a lesser extent AMMO. He works tirelessly to serve and eradicate any other kaiju before the tragedy that happened to him, turns into an epidemic.

Description: At a glance one might describe Cytosaur as 'crocodile like' though other than the basic shape he shares very little with that class of reptile. Cytosaur is omnipedal, though his normal stance is that of a quadruped he can rear up onto his back legs for a charge or simply to bring his front legs into play, much as a bear might. Because of this switch-stance his limbs are a little on the long side, meaning his hind end is a bit more elevated than his front, due to his back legs being longer. His elbows and knees are normally bent a bit outwards when on all fours, focusing the main strain of his bulk away from these key points. His hind legs resemble those of a large predatory dinosaur, powerful thighs and calfs that lead into a large foot with three prominent toes. These toes end in dull points, better for digging into soft muck then true combat weapons. There is a heavy webbing that connects them, feeding down to about half way between the digits. However, unlike the true foot of most predatory dinosaurs, Cytosaur has five toes in total. The remaining two are smaller, it seems his species were evolving them away to be more agile on land. The fourth toe is a little higher on the foot, it just barely touches the ground and has a sharper, hook shaped claw on the end. It resembles an overgrown dewclaw, though it isn't nearly as high up on the foot. There is also a section of webbing between this fourth toe and the main three, these toes are on the inner side of the foot, similar to the 'big-toe' found in great apes. The final toe is farther up the leg, sprouting from the ankle it has a very thin bit of webbing between it and the fourth toe. This claw is smaller than the fourth toe, but seems to be more dexterous, designed for gripping onto branches or rocks as the phytosaur traverses uncertain waters. Moving to the front legs, they are like stretched out versions of the front limbs found on modern crocodiles, they have a prominent elbow bend and near human realms of flexibility. Quite long for arms, they sport quite a lot of muscle to support Cytosaur's main bulk. The hand like feet of the front limbs have five finger like claws, each tipped with a dull bear like claw and sport webbing between them, though the webbing is fairly light to allow free movement. The five claws resemble human hands in function, there is a bulky inner one that acts as a thumb, a middle one longer than the rest and so on. Turning to the main body of the cyborg, perhaps one of the most startling things about Cytosaur is his head. At a glance they resemble those of modern crocodilians, but anyone looking at him for much longer will quickly see that the differences are striking. The basic shape of his long jaws are rather wide near the base, owing to a powerful build meant for bringing down and holding large prey. As the long jaws move out from the snout, they before a bit more narrow, more useful for catching quick fish then bulky monsters. This tells us that Cytosaur's kind were generalists, taking what they could, be it smaller fish or the larger animals that they used to share the swamp with. About halfway up the long jaws starts a rather odd horn like ridge, this ridge is the creature's nose, two nostrils sit high on it's tip while the ridge continues back along the jaw and to the base of the creature's skull. Limiting Cytosaur's field of vision a little. This is characteristic of all phytosaurs who have this telescoping breathing system, letting even less of themselves be seen while stalking prey in the water. The monsters eyes sit high in it's skull, to try and avoid the nasal ridge causing too much trouble when Cytosaur uses his binocular vision to hone in on a target. The head sits on a surprisingly flexible neck, longer than found on normal phytosaurs or crocodilians, it is covered in loose armored skin and in turn wrapped in layer on layer of muscle, all devoted to closing the reptile's jaws. This gives his neck a bit of a bulky look as it feeds into a pair or robust shoulders. These shoulders slide forwards when on all fours, their true use however is seen when Cytosaur rears up, bringing them back to anchor down his powerful forelimbs when in combat. The back of the creature is perhaps the most interesting, even when Cytosaur had not been augmented with a mobile structure wrapped around it's spine, the main body of the creature remained an eye-catcher. Starting at the beast's shoulders are raised flap like scutes, they serve to divide the armored back from the armored side, they outline the kaiju's back and become more pronounced on the tail, fusing together at the end of the paddle like limb. On the back the dual pine like ridges are interrupted by the AMMO base, having been cut away to make room for the building. Between these ridges are oval, shield like raised scutes. They cover the back until center is reached. Here is the large oval shaped AMMO base, it looks like a massive dome attached to the creature's back, at a glance it has been described as a giant 'backpack' to some comical effect. The dome is sunk into the creature's flesh, wrapping about Cytosaur's spine and bracing his ribcage. On the left side is a small rounded pod with twin forwards facing prongs, two on the right and two on the left. Two large metal balls feed through the hole in the center and each set of prongs grabs one of the steel balls, this is how the bolus or net is loaded. If the net is needed both prongs clamp down at the same time and send the balls out smoothly, dragging the long mech behind them which splits apart in midair. If the bolus is called for, one clamp fires before the other, sending the balls spinning as they leave the mechanism. On the right a similar weapon can be seen, though it has a lower profile and it's same further circular. When engaged it pulls out, looking like a cylinder sticking out of the base. Inside the cylinder is wound up cables that shoot out and directed by the kaiju.  On the top of the AMMO base if what looks like a giant telescope in profile, sucked into the base and sticking forwards like the main gun on a tank. However it has a track it can run along, a split on the top section of the base that lets it move to the center to fire straight up or to the back to tackle pursuing targets. The massive gun itself is on a ball-axes so it can swivel right to left, nearly 360 degrees, only hampered by the bulk of the reptile and the base it is bolted into. This is the formidable glue cannon, firing off pressurised rounds of a glue mix, making a loud 'whooshing' sound as it does so. The weapon fires on air pressure along as any moving gears or parts could collect bits of glue and gum up. Between the two weapon pods on the side of the base and the massive cannon resting on top, are small port holes, only outlined by the division in the metal that indicates that the panels slide back. When called for large anti-air guns burst forth from these hiding places, controlled by the humans inside the base, they can lay down a hail of covering fire if the cyborg gets in over his head. The sides of the kaiju host a completely different kind of scale, the focus of the integrated metal, these scales are octagonal in shape, two massive armored rows in fact, guarding the monster's side. They begin just behind the shoulders and continue down the rear end of the creature, losing a row near the hips as it reaches the tail. Then the single row of octagon scales shrink slowly, keeping Cytosaur's tail nice and armored, all the way to the tip. The top side of the tail is marked with horizontal band like scales that fit between the dual scute ridges that run along the sides of the creature's back and tail, these start just behind the hips and continue down until the paddle end of the paddle shaped tail where the two scute ridges bond together into a solid tip. On the underside of the giant, even the belly is armored. Unlike modern crocodilians who have softer scales on their bellies, the stomach of a phytosaur is made up of small, rounded scales that act like a suit of chainmail, perhaps not quite as tough as the rest of the creature's armor, but still a wall in their own right. The underside of the tail is marked by band like scales, similar to those on the top of the tail, but smooth and without raised scutes. Finally, the original color of Cytosaur was a dark brown with murky tan for his underbelly and mossy green for his back. However, with his scales now infused with metal, they are a dark silver in color, those on his stomach are darker still and in general there is no real deviation from the kaiju's silver body. The only real stand out color is that Cytosaur's eyes, which have changed little, are green on color with a yellow reptilian slit in the center. The AMMO base on the other hand is just gunmetal grey, it does however sport Cytosaur's designation as 'AMMO Base 009' on it's sides as a label, to let it be known that the towering monster is on humanity's side.

Origin: Near the beginning of the great kaiju boom, over twenty years ago, a section of the Everglades showed signs of mutation. Though it was a very small part of the national park, it was more than enough to draw worried eyes. The native fauna ballooned into a massive engines of destruction in a few months and the trees started to reach towering heights. Even some prehistoric species seemed to surface. Neither AMMO or the US government knew how this begun, but they set out to try and exterminate every inch of the mutated swamp. They had limited success, the hordes of giant creatures and tangling plants made it all but impossible for the mecha platoons to make progress and most large scale bombs were out of the question. The predators of the growing swamp proved far more intelligent than anticipated, it took near continuous streams of protected scientists to even begin to understand the new roles all these mutated fauna created for themselves.

One fact of note was that in this ecosystem, the predators outnumbered prey nearly ten to one. In many cases this wasn't too much a problem, as all the swamp predators were reptiles, who needed only a few large meals every few weeks instead of every day. But without predators to keep them in check, their numbers swelled, the crocodilians were chief among this population rise. Their advanced parenting methods made sure that their young had a far greater chance than those of their competitors, such as large constrictor snakes, monstrous gar, species of ancient salamander and of course Phytosaurs. Both prehistoric, modern and newly evolved mutants all fought and scrapped for a now pressured group of prey. Crocodilians soon became the most powerful group, feeding on each other and their competitors, they quickly devoured their giant serpent rivals into extinction, squeezed by the lack of fish the gar and giant predatory amphibians soon followed. In only five years a once booming ecosystem was about to choke itself and wither away. The armed forces of AMMO and their now limited cyborg forces, were keen to keep the swamp surrounded and watched at all times, anything no matter how large or small trying to look for greener pastures was soon met with a hail of projectiles.

Inside the swamp, only some of the smallest mutants were still alive, rats and tiny fish just barely managed to eek by a living. However the remaining two apex predators had now begun to focus on each other. The phytosaurs did not take care of their young as diligent as their modern replacements, their young set out on their own after only a month of care. Though they were on average larger than the crocodilians of the same age, they were quickly picked off by the starving adults. Phytosaurs were fighting a losing battle, lacking the true intelligence and pack instinct to band together, they simply held out against their foes and tried to outlast them. Even the smaller tree dwelling caimans were forced to attack their heavily armored relatives, but they used numbers. It seemed that their reptile war was dragging on all sides, but the real game changer came when the crocodilians ceased hunting each other. Caimans, alligators and crocodiles began hunting together to weed out the remaining phytosaurs. Boosted with higher brain power than the non-mutated versions, they forced shaky truces and even saw each other as brothers/sisters in arms for a time. Phytosaurs on the other hand were alien, similar but at the same time monsters of a completely different flavor. While it was likely that once phytosaurs were gone, the crocodilians would turn on each other in their hunger. Through the next two years, these rolling bands of reptiles attacked full adults and nests alike, whittling down the Phytosaurs. It is unknown at what point creature now called 'Cytosaur' was brutalized, but common theory either marks him as the very last phytosaur in the swamp or within the remaining ten.

The battle itself was never recorded, a massive hulking phytosaur kaiju was found laying on the border of the swamp, a good half mile from the AMMO lines. Scars, tooth marks, slashes and torn scutes covered the titan. It was coated in a mix of mud and blood, not all of it belonged to the animal itself. It is estimated that the beast fought a losing battle against overwhelming odds, some of the wounds were matched up to each of the three crocodilian species residing within the swamp. This indicated that it was some sort of all out assault, the rough estimate was at least six kaiju fighting against the shattered reptile, at most ten. This creature seemed to be a warrior with few equals if it survived these odds and It seemed to be on it's last legs. But even as it's cognitive mind fell away, the impossibility that was the kaiju condition began to slowly heal the beast. What seemed like a gift from the heavens, the phytosaur was drugged as a precaution and lifted to the nearest AMMO outpost.

Dubbed 'Subject 009' or S-9 for short, part of the ongoing cyborg project the phytosaur was brought to the labs alongside several other cyborgs that at the time were not finished. The beast was the ninth kaiju to be brought in and worked on, though some would be in the shop long after S-9 was completed. There were even rumors that plans for a 0010 were being laid, but no suitable kaiju had been found. The scientists set to work on the giant, as S-9 was far larger and carried far more girth than any of the earlier subjects it became the center of a brand new idea. The plan was to set a scaled down version of an AMMO base into the creature itself, giving both control over the monster and a base constantly on the move, nearly impossible to detect or sneak into. S-9 was to be the cyborg that could act as a field commander in the heat of battle, the kaiju itself would not be the one giving orders of course, but the humans inside the mobile structure would be the true brains behind any future operations.

S-9 was outfitted with the base, which housed all the weapons to cut down on unneeded balance issues to any other area. While it's armored scales were still broken and weak, the AMMO scientists cut deeper into the slumbering giant's flesh and implanted an experimental new metal called 'Octocytanuim', named after the octagon shaped cells that the metal's atoms formed. It was completely man-made and in extremely short supply, to outfit the entire kaiju with the metal would break the economy of not only the United States, but England, China and the next four wealthiest. To conserve such expenses and keep the UN from declaring war on AMMO, they only took a very small amount. The scientists instead began to work with nanobots. Created from the theories of the late Harold Auros, the little machines performed flawlessly. their job was to eat into S-9's skin and merge it with the Octocytanuim, even using some of the reptile's own fat stores and tissue to synthesize up more of the metal when needed. The entire gambit took nearly four months to dream up and design, but those amazing little nanobots reformed the broken body of the monster in a week and a half.

After syncing the nanobots to the AMMO computer housed within S-9's back, the scientists made sure that when awake, the monster would have no ability to control the little machines, they would respond to vetted AMMO signals only. The final hurdle to cross with the reptile's brain, AMMO would need a way to control it but stomping out S-9's former personality and reasoning skills would be a waste in the long run. At that moment there existed no person in the AMMO roster that could sift through the thought processes of a creature's brain and alter them. While S-9's brain had already been integrated with a computer to allow the giant access to it's new robotic graphs, no scientists was willing to take a crack at opening S-9's head up and possibly altering the kaiju's mind. The risk was far too great. However, a miracle came in the form of a teenager with a major grudge against government and society in general.

The young and fearsome Elesa Cartwright. At 18 years of age she managed to hack into the FBI files and leak proof that a few of it's members were corrupt. Of course the FBI denied the charges and the agents in question were supposedly let go. Elesa Cartwright on the other hand was seized and tried for being a terrorist. Public outcry was immense, to the point that her crime was downgraded from a long stay at Gitmo, to a comparatively soft womens prison. Her time was 40 years, by no means fit for her actions, but a far cry from the fate originally planned for her. Elesa spent two years, five months and six days in the prison. She somehow managed to mellow herself out a bit, all that time alone and without her beloved technology cut some wisdom into her brain, though her hate for all things bureaucratic never died. AMMO picked her up, they told her that she had a choice, work for them and be heavily monitored or continue her penance in jail. Elesa was starved for a chance to set her hands on a keyboard again and agreed.

However the task she was given was something that nearly caused her to refuse, nearly. She was to access the computer embedded in S-9's brain, get it every bit as functional as the reptile's organic half, upload a verbal identification software so it could understand the spoken word, make sure the weapons would respond to it's command and finally, sift through miles and miles of the beast's identity to weed out anything that might be destructive to their control over the monster. Elesa despised that last part, to change a being and contort it's mind to your will was enough to make her sick to her stomach. However she did her job. It took her nearly a year, working every day each day for ten hours straight. She only stopped to eat, drink or use the restroom. Like any true codemonkey she seemed to refuse to bathe while working, forcing her guards to lock her in a shower once a week until she was only offensive to those who could hear her insults. Through her time working on S-9 she grew rather attached to him, anyone speaking of the comatosed phytosaur in an ill light was subject to being punched squarely in the jaw. She saw much of herself in the creature, a victim of a poor luck and a world just not suited for him. Elesa dreaded the day S-9 would be woken up, as it would mean she would no longer be of use. What would happen to the young woman she had no idea, she fully expected to be stuck back in prison or be executed on the spot. Such was her low opinion of AMMO and all government.

The newly made cyborg was polished, it's metal scales given quite a nice shine and it's designation stamped on each side of the base housed in it's back. Cyborg 009 came online that day. The phytosaur felt strange as it found itself surrounded by tiny rat like creatures, it's own body was alien now and the monster let out a deep warbling bellow that shook the AMMO base. However before it could become violent, the shap order of the AMMO commander rang out from the come system. S-9 didn't understand why, but it felt compelled to obey, it even seemed to understand the meaning of the words, which were a rather simple: Calm down and await further instructions.

Elesa was inside a safely housed bunker along with the commander, choking back her anger as she watched on. She hated to see the giant treated like a toy soldier, to be wound up and marched whenever someone thought it was a great idea. However things took a turn for the strange as the commander used a holoprojection machine in the room with S-9. The first image shown with the giant phytosaur's new body, complete with base and weapons, even a little animation was played of CGI humans walking into the base. S-9 had no idea what this meant, but it was slowly coming to terms with it's new body, once it got the proper explanation in any case. Then before the kaiju's eyes the hologram shifted, showing the pictures of four humans, one who S-9 dimly seemed to remember. Elesa herself was shocked to see her face on the screen, followed by the commander's words "These are your new companions. Your allies. They will teach you, heal you and guide you through this world. We here at AMMO ask only that you use this new life we gave to do some good." as the man spoke S-9 seemed a bit weary of this promise. But what came next had the titan dipping it's head in loyalty.

"Your first mission is to eradicate the swamp you were born in. Every plant. Every animal."

For the cyborg's maiden voyage, S-9 was finally given a true name, one that AMMO could be proud of. Owing back to the Octocytanuim which gave the creature unheard of defensive abilities, S-9 was christened Cytosaur. The Celled Lizard. Elesa and three other strangers were brought to the newly named reptile's hanger and loaded up into the base. She was nervous, at the time the only woman on the base she felt intimidated and the near constant orders from Robert, the newly assigned commander of AMMO Base 009. Normally a new weapon and it's systems would be put through weeks of testing before being unleashed, but orders from on high said that the swamp had survived for far too long.

Armed with his new metal scales and gadgets, Cytosaur marched for his old home, once the giant arrived he lead the smaller AMMO mech forces into the mutated wilds. Cytosaur took point and cut a bloody path through every kaiju he came across. Elesa was forced to cover her ears and hide her eyes, trying to drown out the feral screams of victory and death. Behind him the AMMO mechs set loose torrents of flame, burning everything behind Cytosaur who cleared the way for them. In a single day that swamp was purged from the world, down to the last man-eating toadstool. The crocodilians who had struggled for so long to become dominant predators, were swept aside. With his birthplace nothing but ashes, Cytosaur willingly threw himself into the service of AMMO, in his eyes it was the least the giant could do for letting him take vengeance for himself and all other phytosaurs who fell in those desperate lands.

This of course disturbed Elesa, she was tempted to try and run away or quiet several times, but she just couldn't bare the thought of being without Cytosaur. She tried to thwart AMMO's efforts at every turn, she introduced the giant to music, getting him hooked on classical of all things. Cytosaur who always felt connection to the young woman, grew closer to her, to the point that he would break off his orders if Elesa scolded him. AMMO couldn't risk getting rid of the woman, less the currently loyal cyborg become completely uncontrollable, they began to lean on her team-mates, pressuring them to keep Elesa's outbursts to a dull roar. Even though she fights against them every chance she gets, Elesa has proved herself to be of competent mind, her knowledge for computers and love of Cytosaur is the driving force behind keeping the reptile in tip-top condition. The odd team managed to continue on until their dedicated mechanic was killed in a 'Spawn of Terror' raid while on vacation. Elesa had only known the man for a short while, but she felt the blow far harder then the others. Robert just continued on with grim determination and the other man, who's name eluded Elesa, seemed unphased.

This began a new chapter for the small group. A new member was added on, as a cyborg Cytosaur was not to go without a mechanic for any reason, the risk the beast might need one was always present. So a young woman by the name of Janet Smith was brought into the program, though just barely into her 20s, she was a tech guru. Plucky, a bit spastic at times, she quickly made her new 'friends' well aware of how smart she really was and how stupid they were. Janet and Elesa butted heads time and time again, being a programmer Elesa's passion for machines was far outshined by Janet's raw skill with them.  It didn't help that by this time Elesa was 28 years of age and to Janet that made her a stereotypical 'old person'. Though they had their fights, the two could agree on one things, there was nothing like Cytosaur out there and it was a dream to be working on the giant cyborg. Together, under the leadership of Commander Robert Macron, the girls and the mysterious spook named 'Ronald' became the Crew of Cytosaur and have been stuck with the phytosaur to this day.
Here he is, one of the only known phytosaur kaiju...EVER, if not the only mecha phytosaur in existence.

I made him to combat the flow of near hundreds of unorigina croc/gator l kaiju, just something different.

By the way, Unit009 is a sort of nod to one of my favorite animes of all time "Cyborg009".


Though made years ago, Cytosaur here remains the only phytosaur kaiju on DA. At the time I originally made him I would be insanely proud of that fact, however times and people change. I would like to see more phytosaur kaiju everywhere, they are an untapped resource, one that pains me to see ignored in favor of the more modern crocodiles.

As for his changes....I built him from the ground up, there is nothing I haven't changed or improved. The new Cytosaur is now the longest bio I have ever created, kicking KAS Glog-Pa out of that spot and laughing at my dead fingers.

Cytosaur's original idea came from the fact that crocodilians are very popular kaiju, but not many of them are really more then upright crocs or Godzilla knock-offs. There are of course those who push the boundaries of these animals to make truly awesome kaiju and they have mountains of my respect for doing so. Sadly these kaiju are comparatively few and far between. Originally a croc was to take Cytosaur's spot but when doing some research on interesting species to kaijufy, I stumbled onto Phytosaurs, those who ruled before crocodilians. After reading up on them they quickly became my favorite branch of ancient reptile and I brought a...well, basically it was a croc with a horn and metal skin, to DA in a fit to challenge all that is croc. Cytosaur was one of my first kaiju, one who I treasure to this day, but he was dated. Decaying in a painfully lacking bio. I have always been meaning to update him, but everything came together with the GDF to AMMO overhaul and new ideas and possibilities clicked into place.

Cytosaur's strange side armor scales, the made up metal(Octocytanuim) infused in him, it all just created a perfect storm of epic. Even his crew members have been altered. Elsa became Elesa, as the Germanic name didn't seem to fit her. The original caretaker of Cytosaur was Janet and Elsa was the mechanic, but I switched their names around and played with the characters until they sort of evolved on their own.

Now this is the new improved, crocodilian speciesist, Bach loving Cytosaur and I have re-unleashed him on the world.

It is my hope he inspires more phytosaur kaiju.
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Crystaldemon93 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
I'm awfully late, but I just want to say this critter's a perfect croc rampager.

While I'm not too much into cyborgs, I must say you made this an incredibly interesting critter. My compliments on that.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, he's deserved it for a long while.

Thanks CD.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well done revamp, RR, well done. You have done the Cell Lizard proud! :iconclapplz:

...On a side note, the phrase "man-eating toadstool" is definately an attention-grabber.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, thank you! I really labored over this bio and I'm glad to see it so well received.

I was wondering who would be the first to bring that line up. It's based off a line in the first Shrek movie, you know...the good one. In which the promise was to return his swamp to the way it was, down to the last slime covered toadstool. It popped into my head just as I was typing and couldn't resist it. Also helped the swamp seem more nightmarish.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome; Applause Guy there seemed to like it well enough.

You mean the only one: I try not to acknowledge the existence of those so-called "sequels". It reminded me of a bizarre idea that came to me while discussing a thorny species of tree with Ang': a "burrowing tree".
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Seems like,

A burrowing tree? That's an odd claim since every plant 'burrows' in a fashion. Called 'expanding their roots' I believe. But in general that sounds kinda neat.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Indeed it does. Maybe that's where some of the trees in Cyto's old stomping grounds went: underground.

Speaking of which, ever considered elaborating on that region in, say, a separate Deviation?
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nah, they are all burned. AMMO are pretty damn thorough when it comes to something as destructive as a mutating ecosystem. Even in current day the native swamp is just barely starting to spread back into it's former range.

It doesn't last that long, nor does the swamp itself have that far reaching.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, I'd hope they'd be thorough.

Shame to hear that.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
To be honest the swamp only exists to bring in a few monsters. Cessin is one, Cyto and the Croc Trio. Other then that they mostly mark Karl being a public douche instead of a private one.
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