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That which divides these two is rarely thought of.
It is known as twilight and all who follow this path are doomed.
While evil may kill without cause and righteousness flounders in hypocrisy.
We of the line can see.
We understand why the killer will take a life and we understand why others must catch him.
Twilight is forever torn between the two.
Neither yet both at the same time.
We are dark enough to see how the blade cuts flesh and yet tears will be shed over the loss.
We understand why dark slaughters and light crusades.
The line is ever moving, forever bending.
The grey is what we seek, although we see others we are blind to ourselves..
Darkness will never die and light will never bend, but as long as they exist twilight will be torn.
Our eyes watch in despair as the tricksters of wrong and the blind of light battle for dominance.
Forever watching, forever hurting.
We are the way of twilight.
The third path leaves scar deeper then a killer’s blade or a hero’s words.
We are the few, the cursed, the forsaken.
We are the twilight.
This is a little poem I made one a very windy day with way too much time on my hands. I thought it came out very well.

PS: One word about Sparklepires and I swear I'm going to murder someone.
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