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“Spirit of anger, angel of murder! I summon you to kill this frankfurter!” - Ashley(Golden Raptor, HYPERATIF)

“Iron and flesh, with a beard that isn’t second best! Power of a sun and twice and strange, Green is who I summon to hammer the deranged.” - Green(King Hoopla)

“God of everything and king of nothin! Come forth and avenge the muffin!”- Zooa(Zooasaurs Rex)

“Queen of the night and voice of shale! Appear before me and unleash a blood gale!” -Shaz( Hikariza and too many more to list)

“Source of light and strength of brothers! Burn forth to glomp all others!” -Flare

“Mistress of steel and controller of nanite! Transform and roll, lay siege to spite!”- Sari(DLF, Zikya)

“Alpha of the pack and leader of the hunt, she prowls from the forests. Beast like rage with claws to match, you better run or you’re her catch!” -Syan(Neko Kohana)

“Master of flame and lord of the wind, he is the last of his kin! Biting here and fire there, his attacks come in a deadly pair!” -Dragongod (Darkwing)

“Summons used and energy abused, your power is great, but let us see. Black lightning at his call, he will be the last to see you fall, warriors come and warriors go, but the lightning will always flow, Lord of the Dark Skies!” Corvosaurus Rex (My personal kaiju)
I was listening to my friend Green(Kh), talk about a text battle he had with a few other people. His story included "summoning" a friend name Ashley to the fight, in which she then laided out a whupping before the local "god" user nixxed her. The whole thing sounded like pure lols and led down to this here bunch of poems.

Then as a joke I made up a little summoning poem, but the idea got stuck in my head and I began to type summoning poems for my other friends.

The poems are followed by a -The summonie's name here and then a (For any extra names they have)

Oh and I might make more of these, but at this point I really don't know...if I chose to do more I will lable this "Ch 1" or "part 1" or something like that.
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Hikariza Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2009   Photographer
Shaz likes. Shaz likes :}
uchiha-zooa Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
Zooa approves
KingHoopla Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
The things that can be spawned from idle discussions are truely amazing.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Strange minds, late hours and too much soda.
xEmoRawrx Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
There amazing :D
Loved the fact I am an 'Angel of murder' XD
So fun to read, especially in the mornin'
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Well, your's was the first i thought up and it was just a little joke at the, I'm glad you like it.
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