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Name: M.A.T.I.L.D.A. (Mobile Armament and Tactical Immolation Dreadnought Automaton ,Cyborg0012, Unit0012, The Iron-Bitch, Strika the Striker)
Species: Cyborg Styracosaurus 
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
AMMO Rating: Potential rating of 6 Threat level of 3

Height: 32 meters
Length: 60 meters 
Mass: 65,000 tons


Grinding Skull- What was done to Matilda's skull was either pure mechanical genius or mechanical insanity, which it is has been a rather hotly debated topic both within AMMO and outside it. Once her flesh was stripped away her horns were pulled out of socket and refitted with motors and rivets which let them spin at high speeds to act like a drill. Not only her nose-horn received this treatment but so did all of the horns that naturally sprout from a styracosaur's frill. However the empty space on her frill was not overlooked, between each of the frill-horns is a strip of metal infused to bone which hosts a small belt with rotating teeth similar to those found on a chainsaw. This rather gruesome sight is Matilda's main weapon, even a glancing hit from her swinging head can open deep grooves and rip apart even the heaviest armor as if it was a simple tin-can. In battle Matilda charges first and then stabs up with her drill like nose horn before shaking her head side to side, slashing and goring with a truly deadly vigor that far outshines her small size.

Steel Skeleton- In life several large spike like bones that grow out of the creature's back, they were set into heavy bone-plates that are hidden just under the skin these act like a second layer of defense help protect the ribs and organs of the monster. In death however the plates are fused with metal much like the rest of Matilda's skeleton and offer protection to the host of mechanical implants that keep the creature alive in the barest sense of the word. The metal coating the bones is natural in makeup, similar to the deposits found in blood, this metal enforces the already extremely tough bones that hold up the monster and create a very formidable armor to make sure Matilda's bulldog like tenacity can be used to it's fullest. Being that she no longer has flesh, Matilda is immune to a great number of effects that plague some of the less mechanized cyborgs and of course purely organic monsters. These effects list anywhere from fire to most germs and a rather wide array of acids.

Body of Rotating Death- Though no less inspired, the rest of Matilda's body isn't quite as thought provoking as the deathtrap that has become the head of the cyborg. There are six metal infused bone-spikes in Matilda's back were given the same treatment as her horns, they now have grooves cut in them and spin, making trying to attack her from the sides or from above just as deadly as trying to take the monster head on. The spikes are set in two rows, between them are several small metal treads with several rows of teeth, making sure that if anything manages to slip by the rotating spikes on Matilda's back they will be chewed up by the belt of teeth. Any creature unfortunate enough to be caught on the spikes will suffer both the grinding drills and the chewing teeth, quickly reducing the victim to mush. In addition to her back spikes another part of her body was fitted but unlike either her horns or back spikes it is a complete replacement, Matilda's tail was completely removed and unable to be saved and so the AMMO science department had to create a replacement. Keeping with her brutal brawling design, her entire tail is made up of sections that of fitted with dull spikes and each section can spin independent of each other or all the same direction if needed. If this wasn't bad enough, between the spikes on each section are strips of motorized teeth, making the tail a cutting and grinding weapon all in one. Able to stretch out each section to give Matilda some extra reach makes the limb one long and flexible drill to slam and crush any that try to attack her from the rear.

The Boiler- Taking up what once was Matilda's chest and stomach is a massive boiler engine fueled by a pilot light near the base of the cyborg's neck, which would normally be hidden if not for the fact that Matilda is missing her lower jaw, the flame can be seen glowing from both her nostrils and eye-sockets to give the cyborg a rather intimidating appearance. However, Matilda can send a blast a fire through the ports in her nostrils, shooting either twin jets of flame or short balls of flame that can explode with concussive force. As her body is made out of metal, heat transfers very easily and when her boiler begins to heat up Matilda's body can become scalding to the touch as it cuts and grinds away at flesh.


Short and Stout- Being a little on the small side for a monster makes it harder for Matilda to make good use of her stout nature to push and shove larger, heavier targets. It also makes it easier for an enemy to pick her up and manhandle the cyborg, while hard considering all her defenses it is far from impossible and a good toss could be all that separates victory and defeat. This weakness is only exaggerated by Matilda's utter lack of any ranged weaponry, any enemy with a longer reach, the ability to fly or powerful ranged weaponry can make it a real struggle for Matilda. In spite of these weaknesses she can still bulldoze her way into trouble to make it out alive.

Ground to Paste- Hooking her foe with that horn of her's, Matilda will gore and toss her head until she can fling the target onto her back where they will be impaled by the spikes. Once wedged she fires up her drills, stabbing with her spinning horn to make sure they don't fall off the grinding back spikes. She will then use her drilling tail to smash the creature down on the spikes to slowly grind muscle, flesh and bone to a bloody paste.

Most expect Matilda to be a ball of fury and destructive rage, however the truth is that the cyborg is borderline lethargic, if not for the command codes ordering her to do her job, Matilda would just laze around inside her hanger and refuse to turn online. Once to the fight she is quick to charge in, the change is as sudden and drastic as waving a cape in front of a bull. In battle she is as cruel as she is ruthless, Matilda will suffer no other kaiju within her field of view and even her programming can't stop her from being near impossible for her brother and sister cyborgs to work with. The one thing that will rile her more than anything else is the name of the monster who savaged, Matilda dreams about the day she can return the favor for all the suffering heaped on her shoulders. When not trying to turn anything larger than a building into paste, Matilda is very laid back and even rather affectionate of her human keepers as well as humans in general. She seems to find them extremely amusing and humorous creatures, however she will not go out of her wait to try and protect them, if a human gets in her way she will not spare a moment of grief if she has a trample a few of the charming creatures to destroy her newest target.

After she was turned into a cyborg, Matilda was stripped of almost all her flesh, as such she resembles a walking styracosaur skeleton which is infused with a chrome like metal. She isn't quite all bones, many of the monster's muscle structure remain though likewise fused with metal and cable, creating a mesh like web across her bones which created a rather grizzly sight. Her chest cavity and stomach are used to house the machinery that runs Matilda, as such she doesn't look quite as thin as a true walking skeleton might, a large metal dome is fused with her ribs to give the illusion that she has a lower half. Starting at her head, Matilda's skull resembles that of her now extinct cousins, barring the lack of a bottom jaw and robotic enhancements her skull would not look too amiss at a museum. On her snout is one very long horn, curved slightly up and back it has small circular metal implants that protect, strengthen and enhance the horn's penetrating power when Matilda fires up her gears and lets the weapon spin like a drill. Behind her horn are her eye-sockets, replaced with clear optics with a silver center, more often than not they reflect her pilot-light to make it seem like her eye-sockets are burning. The flame-nozzles built into the dinosaur's nostrils flare up and burn when her emotions, a stray snort could cause a small jet of flame if the cyborg isn't careful, normally her nostrils just glow or flare up ominously. Moving back up along her skull is the ceratopian's long, swept back frill which sports numerous spikes along the rim. On the 'face' of the frill her number is shown in a dark metal casting with '00' on the left and '12' on the right. Though smaller each of these spikes also spin like the main horn and of course sport the circular nodules that let them deflect hits and screw into flesh with shocking ease. In the gaps between these horns are motorized belts with teeth on them, making sure no space is wasted in the destruction of any who stand against AMMO. These teeth whirl into actions, ready to parry or ravage anything that manages to slip between the rotating horns, together these weapons are flat out destructive. All of Matilda's horns are coated in a dark black metal, making them really stand out against her shiny, chrome hide while the motorized teeth are decked out in the same black metal to better outline her fearsome skull. Metilda's neck and shoulders are very thick and heavy, even with her skin gone they remain very broad and able to take on massive strain. Her front shoulders have a very adjustable sockets, she can bring them under her for a good charge or pop them out into a secondary joint which lets Matilda take up a more wide-legged sort of bulldog stance which lets her just sit there and maul until her wired heart is content. Moving down from her shoulders are her front legs, similarly they have changed little from her based mutation, however the muscles that once drove them had to be fitted with heavy pistons to make sure they could continue to work as effectively as they once did in life. As such the muscles built into her legs are now stretched over these pistons where both machine and flesh push and pull as one. Though heavier her back legs more or less mirror the front pair, with the exception of the odd double ball-joint her shoulders have. Her back is largely exposed bone and muscle, all coated in the flexible metal while something that looks like a large oil-drum now replaces her organs, fused with Matilda's rib-cage which tightly wraps around it. The drub feels into the fuel lines that lead up her neck and the electrical lines that power her tail, making it look a bit like a cast of what her lower half should look like if she had flesh. Stretching out over her ribs are three large plates of bone which added extra protection in life and in her rebirth, now coated in metal these heavy plates serve to house six spike like bones pushing out from her back. These spikes sit in two rows, the first starting out just behind her shoulders and the the final ending just before her hips, not sharp so much as imposing and a bit on the dull side, AMMO outfitted the spikes with nasty drill like grooves and the ability to spin much like Matilda's horns, similarly they to are cast in the black metal. Between the rows of spikes are two rows of motorized strips of teeth built into the plates and anything that is speared on the spikes and unable to move is soon chewed up. The final weapon in Matilda's arsenal is no less as destructive as her others, but perhaps not nearly as awe-inspiring. Her tail has been replaced with a giant, very flexible drill made out of several interlocking sections, each section has four spikes designed for grinding and between these spikes are the very familiar stripes of motorized teeth that appear everywhere else on the cyborg's body, making the tail a strange hybrid weapon with few equal. Each section can rotate on it's own, they can all spin together or each rotate in another direction to complete this nightmare of a weapon. The small spikes and teeth are of course coated in the same black metal to keep her coloring simple and a bit striking when overlaid with the dominating chrome of her body.

Originally Matilda was a mutant Styracosaur who lived in North America, her range included most of the Pacific Northwest where she browsed on the forests and more or less ignored the humans there. Before becoming a cyborg Matilda was known as Strika the Striker, do to her territorial attitude to invading kaiju and her rather quick to charge attitude. Needless to say she was certainly not on AMMO's list of kaiju to closely watch as she never showed much interest in doing anything other than defending her territory and eating. However several years ago she suddenly began to migrate, the reason was unknown but she crossed from one side of the country to the other, looking like she was on a direct course to Mexico. The most popular theory at the time was that she was following some sort of instinct leading her to a primeval nesting grounds. Around the border of New Mexico Strika seemed to vanish off the AMMO radar, frightened she may have found a way across the border unseen or developed a new mutation they began to search for her. Out in the wastes they found Strika's body, her tail had been ripped off and torn to shreds, possibly to immobilize her as the attacker then set about to eating the ceratopian alive. Strika had almost no organs left, her defenses were cracked open and her flesh scooped out. One of the few organs she still had was her heart and at first AMMO were just looking to see if her body was safe to clean up, but that was until Strika's heart let out a dull beat. Right away the scientists went into action, cutting away the dead and decaying flesh and hooking the weakened heart up to a pump of pure nutrients to help strengthen the monster. Strangely the powerful regeneration that most kaiju sported was not kicking into gear and helping the monster recover, which gave AMMO another opportunity to expand the 00Cyborg project. Quickly they began to convert the monster into a new cyborg, using a type of blood based metal that would use the monster's own powerful genetics to heal it's new metal structure if damaged. while some parts of the kaiju were replicated such as her tail, they couldn't justify a need to create a new lower jaw since Strika no longer had the need to chew or eat food. Her new partly computer brain was encoded with special code-words in an attempt to make a more easily to control creature, while ultimately the process was deemed a failure the cyborg was still another boost to the AMMO ranks. Renamed Cyborg0012 by AMMO, Strika was then given a public name now that she had been 'reborn' in a fashion, a strange anagram that gave her a the more colorful name of Matilda. While she was very rarely used, Matilda served as sort of a backup cyborg for when one of the older cyborgs were over seas or busy on one mission or another. Though a lazy beast, Matilda still had dreams of finding her attacker, other than long naps in the sun this lone dream kept her fire going and largely under control.
Alright, I teased her in my journal stating to beware Matilda, which most likely meant not a damn thing to any of you. See, when I came back from the family wedding my dad made some odd offhand remark about fighting robots, I honestly don't remember it but it sparked one long insane burst of MUSE POWER which reminded me of a good old show 'Robot Wars' and hands down my favorite robot of the series who was pretty much a mecha-triceratops, Matilda. So in this fever my brain asked "What would she look like if Matilda was a kaiju?" and boom it all came to me in flashes of madness which I have been holding back until this moment.

I swear each cyborg I make is trying to be even more METAL than the last. Attilary is a hard beast to beat, she has a giant magnum-cannon for a face for god's sake! But somehow I think I beat it with spamming drills and chain-saw teeth freaking everywhere. And yes I will be the first to drug-test the AMMO scientists because...the fuck guys?! I'm a kaiju maker, I do this stuff for laughs, but in-verse the reasoning behind this is sort of "Dude...this will be badass!" and I really can't find a better way to justify it other than they have way too much damned money.

Oh and by the way, in case no one has figured out who the toothed rogue is that cut through her armor and let her to die in a most humiliating way...well...that kinda says it all, no one quite brings terror quite like a certain tyrannosaur.

Also, half way through typing her up I realized that Matilda here shares more than a few similarities to Ren's Invictathrone, that was largely accidental on my part, even being attacked by a theropod and being rebuilt. I really can't stress how I did not mean for that to come out so close, but I feel she is different enough from Vik that i don't have too much to worry about over all. Does he have a chain-saw-frill? I think not! Now, joking aside I do hope you all enjoy my bit of insanity, it'll most likely be a bit more than a week until the next time I get a grab at a computer so with any luck this should tide you all over for a while.
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Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"...the touch as it cunts and grinds away at flesh."
~ Even the typo fails to make her any lass terrifying.

Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I fixed that one pretty quickly after she was posted.

As hilariously frightening as it may be.
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Imagine how much trauma physically AND mentally that would cause. :D
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, imagining it is the easy part, try measuring it.
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
My estimate's at least three psych wards filled if she ever uses that attack, and that's just from the effect on innocent bystanders. >__<
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That sounds about right. Now you know why she isn't deployed very often.
AkityMH Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A walking meat grinder on four legs. That is EXACTLY what she is. And this is inspired by Robot Wars? I was expecting a war machine, not a death machine. Someone just wind her up and let her go. I feel bad for the one who ate our her insides. The idea of this thing coming at me for revenge would make me shit myself.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, she sort of took on a life of her own, oddly she has change a few times between now and that fateful car ride. Oh and you shouldn't feel too bad for the monster that left her beaten and broken, he's got it coming to him several times over and now she even has a tail to match her attacker's.
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