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Name: Venator (The Hunter of Strength, Va'kalin'itor)
Gender: Mech
Alignment: Neutral
Quote: "Welcome to the eternal struggle."

Height: 8 feet (7 in robot)
Length: 12 feet (beast mode)
Mass: 520 pounds

Alt Mode(s): Predalien (AvPR version)


Beast Mode- Venator has choosen a powerful beast form, it is quick as lightning and looses no amount of strength for it's great speed. It is also very tough, able to live in multiple environments with little to no affect on it, it can even swim and breath underwater. In this form he can run across walls and ceilings like they were the floor, letting him blend in and hide in the shadows perfectly. In his predalien form he has a very long leap, crossing 20 feet easily in a single bound as he travels, though this is also something he can do in robot form. The weapons in this mode include a set of powerful mandibles that can bite down and hold prey before the inner set of jaws flash out and stab through the target for a killing blow. The tail is long and muscular, able to lift something weighing nearly twice as much as Venator himself, it also comes with a spear like blade on the end, which is perfect for stabbing and slicing. Combined with the long reach of the tail, there is little that this weapon can't reach of flat out destroy. Finally he has claws, while these have the shortest range of his beast mode weapons, they are also the most flexible, being able to pick up and manipulate things in beast mode is something not all transformers can do. Of course they also come with insanely sharp claws which rip through metal like few other things can.

Brute Strength- In both forms, Venator has great strength, able to lift and toss three times his own weight with ease. If by some strange chance he finds himself without weapons and unable to transform to beast mode, he will take apart his foe with brute force. While he doesn't rely on his strength like many transformers do, he is fond of showing up any who think he is weak just because he likes to pick off his prey from a distance.

Wrist Claws- When transformed, the predalien claws over his two middle knuckles become Yautja style wrist blades. These come out only half a foot from his wrist, good for close combat or for carving up prey that he just downed. They have jagged blades on one side that leg these weapons act like saws if need be, cutting through bone or even wood, depending on what they are needed for. In a pinch, these claw blades can extend to a full foot in length, giving him more range and weight behind the weapon as he twists and jabs, though this added length does make them slower.

Spear Gun- This is formed from the tube like spines on his beast form's back and part of the muscle "hump". It becomes an oval shaped weapons with two of the tubes fusing together and pointing down to form a handle, which the other two are simply angled back, holding extra spears. The front of the weapon looks like your average Yautja spear gun, with the ammo firmly locked into place and ready to fire. This is a perfect stealth weapon, letting Venator fire from the shadows without detection, it makes no sound at all when fired, chances are his prey is dead long before it even knows it. This gun can also be used short range, spitting out a spear once every .32 seconds, which is a low rate of fire for most guns, but the raw power makes sure that few shots are needed.

Combitail- The long whip like tail straightens out and then folds down into a neat half a foot package. But with a flick of a button, it elongates into a powerful spear like combistick which can be used to keep foes at a distance as well as stabbing into their bodies. In extreme need, one can throw this weapon and impale his target, though this leaves Venator without his combitail when he might otherwise need it.

Disk Blades- Small panels open up in the lower sides of Venator's robot mode and out pop two small disks, these can then be extended with a button to be turned into large circular blades. Guided by a homing computer, these weapons not only chase down prey short distances, but they also come back to Venator when the signal is beamed out on his own internal computer. This weapons can cut through just about anything, though it has been known to be dodged and found stuck in walls before.

Plasmacaster- Engaged by an access panel in his left forearm, part of his shoulder armor lifts up and becomes a strange little gun. It aims where ever Venator looks, gaining pinpoint accuracy. This is another dangerous weapon given to him by the Yautja and is considered to be fit for only the strongest warriors. It shoots a ball of hyper dense plasma, utterly destroying most anything it comes in contact with. Though it is without question deadly, it drains Venator's energy supply quickly, he can only get a few shots off before using his other weapons, though he hardly ever finds a foe who lives to this point.


Huntsman- Venator was trained by some of the best hunters any universe has ever seen, he can seemingly adapt to a new environment in a matter of moments, avoiding large predators and understanding his surroundings. He can track just about anything, aided by his beast form's senses as well, Venator has been known to keep on a trail for days at a time and he never stops until the hunt has ended with blood or mech fluid staining his servos.

Appearance: In transforming from beast to robot form, the first thing to go is his head, it shortens and compacts while the dreadlocks move more to the back of his head, giving a very Yautja like look. The "forehead" then slides up to join the back of his head to show off his eyes that were once hidden in his beast form. The predalien mandibles spread out and collapse down against his mouth, looking much more predator then alien at this point. Not much happens to his arms other then they become a little longer and more humanoid looking. The hands of his beast mode sort of sit there until his robot hands fold out from the underside of his forearms. Once this happens, the predalien fingers open up and form a sort of knuckle and wrist armor, all but the middle two that form the wrist blades that is. The tail turns into his combistick, which is then attached to his side, ready to be taken up and used at a moments notice. The back spines and "hump" of beast form become his spear gun, which is hooked across his back and hangs through like a human hunting rifle. Finally the legs, they open up with some of the bulk moving upwards to help armor the stomach and chest while the rest creates a stalky, shorter leg. The claw like toes bend back and fuse to the ankles to make sort of ankle braces while a more robot like humanoid foot replaces them from the back of the lower leg. Once in full robot mode he is a little shorter then his beast mode, though he is a little more bulky and sports heaver armor to boot. He more of less looks like a Yautja, one of the great Predators of the universe and his mentors.

Personality: Venator is a strange one, he separates himself from the Maximal & Predacon war, seeing them both as unenlightened. Fighting for the sake of power or conquest is pointless, he learned that much from his time as a Predacon, though the Maximals weren't much better, unable or unwilling to take a life to further their cause. So he finds himself alone in his reasoning, but at his spark he is a warrior and he fights on either, often both, sides of the war. He sees it beneath him to attack a lesser or weaker foe, so he almost always joins the side that is loosing at the time, which has earned him no end of hate form his former comrades as well as his former foes.

He lives by a strange code of honor, it was taught to him by the Yautja when he was forced to stay on their home planet for some time. Though it has also made him somewhat more frightening then he used to be, other Cybertronains have noted him ripping the metal skulls off his foes in battle or taking their weapons by ripping them from the robot's frame. What he does with these trophies is unknown, though it is likely that somewhere he has them cleaned off and displayed.

He lived on the Yautja home world long enough that he is fluent in their tongue, he almost seems to forget English and Cybertronain from time to time, falling back on odd clicks and grunts. These become more frequent when he is in deep thought, almost like he is muttering to himself while thinking over the options.

To really understand him, one must know what happened to this bot before he became what he is now.

Not horribly long ago, there was a Predacon named Overkill. He enjoyed hunting big game on the planets that the ship he was stationed on passed over from time to time. He loved it, the thrill of the hunt, the faces on his fellow Predacons when he came back with the head of something three times his size! There were few things in life he treasured more, not that he really cared what he had to do to kill the beast, he lacked what the Yautja would call respect for the prey in those days.

But soon he heard tales of two transformers who got themselves stuck on a strange planet, covered with insectiod like aliens who were in the words of one of the survivors "Perfection!". Overkill just had to find this planet and hunt one of these beings, so he high jacked an escape pot and headed out to the coordinates given by the two survivors.

He landed on the planet and got tracking right away, while he wasn't the best he soon found of the strange xenos standing over a kill of some kind and feasting on the flesh. Overkill quickly blasted it with a high powered energon round and killed the thing. But before he could do anything else he was jumped by four more smaller aliens as well as two larger ones who looked like they were built for battle. This was a long and bloody fight, Overkill got stabbed through the chest many times, luck alone saved his spark from taking a direct hit. Of course he got in a few shots to, though his legs got covered in the acid like blood and melted away.

When all was said and done, Overkill was nearly offline, he had gained far too much damage to be saved by Cybertronain tech. But before he could close his optics, Overkill saw new aliens clustered around him, but unlike the last batch these were humanoid and decked out in many weapons the transformer never saw before. He raised an arm and tried to fire at them. Finding his systems too far gone to do even that. Overkill then blacked out.

The ones that found him happened to be a gang of young male Yautja, led by an older warrior. They marveled at the strange machine, it seemed to have a personality and a fighting spirit, on top of that they noted that it was a powerful hunter if it was able to kill this many of the "Great Prey" before going off line.

The older warrior decided that such a strange hunter should not end it's life here, so he took the broken body of Overkill back with him to the home planet where the Elders looked over the strange machine. After a while they decided that it should indeed by saved, using their tech the Yautja fixed Overkill and even managed to save his spark before it went offline for good.

In the days to come the Cybertronain would wake up and learn of what happened to him, later it would take nearly half a year for him to decode and learn the Yautja's strange language.

Overkill watched his hosts, learning of their culture and hunter's honor, he began to admire the Yautja, seeing them as the ultimate perfection of what the ideal hunter should be.

The Yautja were of course impressed by the robot's own feats and even offered to train him, which took a great many years. Of course these were Yautja years which were different then Cybertronain or even Earth years, so Overkill had no clue as to how long he was really on that world.

Once he was proclaimed fully trained, Overkill asked the elders if he would be aloud to return to his home world once more. In time they agreed, but before he was to leave, the Yautja asked him to partake of a hunt considered the most dangerous of any a Yautja could take. Overkill of course couldn't say no and soon enough he was on a shuttle headed for an old broken down human ship which was cast adrift in space.

Here he would look for the rare hybrid of Xenomorph and Yautja, the predalien.

Overkill spent two days on that broken down ship, the Yautja even wondered if they overestimated their guest and he was just another bit of space trash by this point.

But before they decided to take a look for themselves, Overkill came back in a more beat up version of the shuttle they sent him out with. The robot slowly stepped out and hoisted the bleached skull of the predalien above his head with a great roar, which of course the small crowd returned. Overkill was not undamaged, one arm was twisted back and he had a number of cuts and scrapes across his metal form.

He stood there for a moment longer before turning his optics on the skull, scanning it before throwing it to the floor and crushing it underfoot. A Yautja destroying a trophy was utterly unheard of, leaving much of the crowd shocked and disgusted with the action.

But before they could move to attack to cast out the Cybertronain, he turned and explained in their own tongue "I don't need it any more…" he paused long enough for his body to change, turning the scanned DNA into his alternate form "Because I took it's form!" he then transformed into the predalien shape and back again. This got a few short bursts of laughter from the Yautja who liked the cheeky robot's joke.

The Yautja bestowed on him a great honor, they named him "Va'kalin'itor", what it means is known only to the Yautja and Overkill himself. Overkill wished to take this name as his own, but knew it would be hard for anyone but the Yautja to say, so he looked for a word in his data banks that would be close to his Yautja name. He then found an old Latin word that meant "Hunter" and that was the end of Overkill.

After this he took the shuttle and flew back to his home world, a new name and a new outlook on all things, where he even now carves out a strange life, a hybrid of Yautja and Cybertronain teachings.
Okay, first off, Yautja is the name that the Predators use for themselves and it felt right that this is how Venator should come to call them.

Just a side note, I have NO idea how to say "Yautja", but I say it like "Yaw-ho-ta" no idea why.

Okay and on to Venator!

I have always loved Xenos, the AvP games and even the movies have a few good points. So it was only a matter of time until I made my own xeno transformer.

I used of course my favorite xeno, the predalien, based on the AvPR design, which I happen to like. In short he IS a Predator based robot who turns into a Predalien.

I have just made a xeno/pred/predalien/transformer...BOW DOWN TO THE GOD OF ALL GEEKS! lol

I tried hard to not make him overpowered, but when you fuse Predator and Predalien, that hope can the thrown out the window.

Theres a small nod to two other xeno characters who I know the owners of and partly inspired me to create Venator here.

Oh and I might not get to my kaiju this week end, but I hope three geekish transformers can make up for three sub-kiaju. But then again I might get to them anyways soooo *shrugs*

Bask in Venator's awesomeness and I'll get back to you later.
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Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have basked in the awesomeness, and i have found it good. Venator here is truely epic, simply put. Amazing work with this one, RR.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer

You knew the idea in it' "facehugger" stage, before I warped into into the "Adult" stage it is now.

I can't blame you for going "meh" before, but now it is good to hear that you enjoyed the fully fleshed out version.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Like i said, it's perfect....could even say it's "Predator-approved". LOL
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer

Yeah, Venator is not a bot you want to screw with, or he'll get on a com and call in a few "hunting budies" to come down and play.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
...As i get to the choppa and escape...for now.

Also, what exactly does a predalien look like?
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Just search it here on DA, while teh designs differ a lot, I like the AvPR version.
Gilarah93 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll get around to it. Probably later tonight.
Ravensaurs-Rex Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Be sure to, there are quite a few awesome ides out there.
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